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Target careers

The department Documentary Film and Television Journalism trains directors, commissioning editors and authors for all the various forms of non-fiction storytelling, in all the media manifestations. The director is the artistic shaping force behind the creation of a work of cinema – it all comes down to an original, imaginative act of creation. We teach and test various forms of documentary narrative, including those straddling borders between genres, such as scenic (re)enactment in documentary cinema, documentary drama, documentary experimental film, or transmedia narratives – what is essential is the immediate connection with reality.

The professional goal of our training would be the long narrative documentary film, but equally: the feature, the reportage, the essay, the realistic TV movie. Graduate directors find self-employed work, hire on as commissioning TV editors or in production companies; they work as freelance artists, as authors, researchers, dramaturges and story developers; or as journalists for television and / or online. Another obvious choice is employment within another “genre”, such as in current news reporting for magazine stories, image, industrial or educational films; or in children’s and youth television. Additional options are work as a cameraman or film editor; in radio, for online media, or in the area of media education.