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HFF Films as Part of the Social Discourse


The sub-project HFF Films (HFF|F) aims to make HFF films available to society and academia as part of the social discourse. Whereas until 10 years ago cinema films and to some extent also television films or series were produced and distributed predominantly on classic, analogue film material, digital production and exploitation is now standard in all areas. On the one hand, this enables new ways of exploitation and transmission to society, but on the other hand it also places new demands on the sustainable archiving and provision of the films. With the sub-project HFF|F, firstly the existing digital film archive of the HFF is to be functionally expanded and its content completed. Secondly, a media library with a continuous digital and networked, future-oriented workflow for production and distribution is to be established in order to be able to produce and make available different formats in a partially automated way.