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  • Summer School

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HFF Munich Summer School

HFF MUNICH SUMMER SCHOOL 2019 is offering 3 different courses:

  • International Series Workshop


    2 / 9 / 2019 – 27 / 9 / 2019
    Apply until bis 5 / 8 / 2019
    Max. 20 Participants
    Fee: 1.000 €

    Series – as its success story unfolds, serial storytelling has become a factor to be reckoned with in the entertainment industry. For such major international players as Netflix, amazon and Apple to offer serial productions “made in Germany” was the next logical step. The German TV market is, after all, one of the most important worldwide. Moreover, the success of Germany 83DarkBabylon Berlin and Bad Banks has proven one thing: German series can hold their own on an international level. For its second SUMMER SCHOOL: INTERNATIONAL SERIES WORKSHOP, HFF Munich has created a curriculum tailored to this booming market – and is now offering it not only to HFF students, but also to such interested participants as: film students from other universities, writers, and writing producers from around the world. For this four-week program, HFF is proud to announce the recruitment of a group of top-notch, award-winning series makers, from a variety of genres, to act as speakers or mentors. 
    Final Speed Pitch: 27 / 9 / 2019
    This concludes the four-week program and is also a market test for the finished concepts: All participants are given the opportunity to present their ideas in a speed pitch to prominent media professionals from pay and free TV, film and series production, as well as from various streaming services/platforms.


    Prof. Tac Romey ( GER ), Academic director: THE GLORY IS GONE
    Frank Doelger (USA ): GAME OF THRONES, ROME
    Anna Winger (USA): DEUTSCHLAND 83 
    Gerhard Maier (Germany): SERIENCAMP Festival, program director
    Nicola Lusuardi (I): GOMORRHA


    Prof. Taç Romey : Academic director
    Marietta von Hausswolff von Baumgarten (Sweden): CALL GIRL, mentor (TorinoFilmLab, SundanceLabs, etc.),
    Tatjana Samopjan, Schweden, Creative Development Producer, story editor SVT
    Moniek Kramer (NL), Dutch author, u.a. EEN TOTNOG TOE ONVERVULD VERLANGEN (Theater, Perspectiefprijs), REMBRANDT (TV series), LUCIA DE B. (feature, nominated for an Oscar) mentor / teacher / script consultant for prose, theater, film and television.
    Frederick Schofield (Germany & UK): HFF alumnus (Screenplay Department), series writer

    Objectives & Method

    This HFF MUNICH SUMMER COURSE is focused on developing serial-format story content. The aim is to create new series ideas and concepts, finished and saleable in the (inter)national market.
    The workshop participants will work in small writing teams. This collaboration and communication, in an intercultural exchange, is designed to improve self-perception and
    openness to criticism, as well as to provide a source of inspiration for the entire writing process.
    Conflict-solving strategies are also an essential part of this process.
    Mentors/coaches guide the group working process, developing the individual concepts and ideas until they gel into the concepts for a final speed pitch to media professionals.
    Each participant will leave the workshop with a “basic show bible”, including a cover theme, series format and title, logline and tagline, ideas and character descriptions, as well as a detailed pilot description and episode synopses.
    The workshop makers expect the overall four-week output from the various writing teams to total four to six finished concepts.

    Registration & Conditions of Participation

    Registration & Conditions of Participation INTERNATINAL SERIES WORKSHOP (Download)
    - CV / table w. brief personal history
    - Motivation statement (one DIN A4 page, font: Arial 12, line spacing 1.5) explaining: “Why I’m interested in serial formats
    - 3-page sample dialogue (font: Arial 12, line spacing 1.5)
    All application documents must be written in English.

    Application Form SERIESWORKSHOP 2019 (Download)
    Declaration of Consent SERIESWORKSHOP Download (Download) 


  • Woman Writing Lab


    9 / 9 / 2019 – 18 / 9 / 2019
    Apply until bis 5 / 8 / 2019
    Max. 10 Participants
    Fee: 500 €

    „STRENGTHENING YOUR SCREENWRITING TECHNIQUES” is a craft-based workshop designed to build on your foundational screenwriting skills.  In a week-long workshop setting, you will learn practical tools for creating compelling stories that are well-founded in the essential elements of drama.  We will address the development of strong original characters, and how all story rises from character.  We will explore the use of themes to ground every story in universal meaning. Through guided exercises, you’ll develop your own instincts for story, character, and powerful, visual scenes.  During daily writing hours, you will expand and develop your own story ideas, and refine your ideas in individual mentoring sessions with the workshop leader, Robin Swicord. 
    The goal of the workshop is for each participating writer to develop a full story as a detailed treatment for a feature film or a multi-part episodic TV story, which will become the immediate blueprint for your screenplay. This is the workshop that will launch you into your first draft, or your next draft.

    Registration & Conditions of Participation WOMEN WRITING LAB

    Application Form WOMAN WRITING LAB 2019 (Download)

    Registration & Conditions of Participation WOMEN WRITING LAB
    - CV / table w. brief personal history
    - a brief screenwriting sample ( not more than 15 pages )
    All application documents must be written in English.

    Declaration of Consent WOMAN WRITING LAB 2019 (als Download)

    Workshop leader

    Robin Swincord


    Screenwriter and film director

    Governor, Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences  2012 – 2019

    Chair of NICHOLL FELLOWSHIP COMMITTEE for AMPAS, 2013 to current

    Member of A.M.P.A.S,  1997 to current

    Member of Writers Guild of America ,West   1980 to current

    Member of Directors Guild  of America  2006 to current

     Film, Television and Theatre Credits
  • Film Music Workshop

    3) FILM MUSIC WORKSHOP 2019 in cooperation with Hochschule für Musik und Theater München

    9 / 9 / 2019 – 13 / 9 / 2019
    Apply until bis 5 / 8 / 2019
    Max. 10 Participants
    Fee: 250 €

    Direction of the workshop: Yati Durant (Film Composer and Lecturer in Music, Sound and Moving Image and Programme Director of MSc Composition for Screen at The University of Edinburgh,
    The workshop will be taught in English (German also possible)

    This film music workshop will introduce students to working on an advanced level with scoring, conducting and producing orchestral compositions to film scenes. Participants will receive theory and technique and apply it in a real-life professional orchestral scoring session. The scoring sessions will be recorded and participants will receive video and audio of the sessions upon completion.

    Method & outline

    Students will be given a film scene (approx. 5 min) to score for orchestra approx. 1-2 months in advance of the workshop.

    The first two days of the workshop will focus on film music scoring techniques and creative theories, including:

    • Techniques regarding theories and methods of scoring scenes to film
    • Setting up an orchestral recording session with a DAW
    • Synchronisation with click and/or streamers and punches
    • Conducting the orchestra to timing information
    • Working with the orchestra to achieve good results (producing)

    Participants will have individual tutorials and be given feedback on which they can work on preparation of their session materials during the day off.

    The final two days of the workshop will take place with the orchestra ( the Paranormal String Quartet )in an appropriate scoring session concert hall. The orchestra will give each participant some time (approx. 20 – 30min each) in which individual scenes are conducted and recorded. The beginning and end of each orchestra session day will involve a preparation for composers/conductors and (video) feedback after the end of each session.

    Registration & Conditions of Participation

    Apllication Form FILMMUSIC WOKSHOP 2019 (Download)

    Registration & Conditions of Participation FILM MUSIC WORKSHOP FILM MUSIC WORKSHOP 2019 (Download): 
     CV / table w. brief personal history
    - Applicants should be expected to know how to notate music and work with a DAW (Logic, Pro Tools, Digital Performer, etc)
    - Conducting experience is also good, but not mandatory
    All application documents must be written in English.

    Declaration of Consent FILM MUSIC WORKSHOP (Download)

    Workshop leader

    Yatri Durant

     Yati Durant is a US born composer of concert and film music, lecturer, trumpeter and conductor living in Edinburgh, UK. He has studied with Krzysztof Meyer and Hans Ulrich Humpert at the Hochschule für Musik Köln, as well as with George Crumb, Philip Lasser, Narcis Bonet, Lee Konitz and conducting with Jonathan Brett. He is a multi-instrumentalist and active performer and producer of jazz and improvisatory music, contemporary acoustic and electronic music and music for film and media.  His compositions and film scores have received many prizes from International festivals, and he has received commissions and premieres from many well-known artists and ensembles from around the world.  His TV and Film credits include work for WDR, ARD, HBO, MTV, Disney and many others. Since 2010, Yati is a Lecturer of Music, Sound and Moving Image at the Reid School of Music, University of Edinburgh and Artistic Director of the Edinburgh Film Music Orchestra.




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